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The Power Of A Simple Todo List

At work, I (we) use Basecamp a lot. One of my favorite features with Basecamp is the simple task list which anybody can create within the project.

As a developer, our days will be filled up with lot of challenges to solve. It's equally important for us to stay focused on the stuffs we need to deliver everyday! This is quite important when we work in a highly demanding environment.

Every successful sprint is just about splitting down the large chunks in to pieces and achieve them everyday, every hour! Once the project is screwed up, everything we have collected as proofs of activities are learnings from a failed project or sprint. Properly managed small milestones is the right strategy to achieve big goals.

A small experiment with Basecamp's task list appears very effective for us. Everyday morning, we prepare the list things we need to achieve for the day (typically done after daily scrum). The priority of issues are well reflected in the list we prepare. If we are done mark as completed; if it's not done, moved to the next day. Super simple! There's no flashy stuff; plain task management. This has brought in really good results especially with inexperience team members.

Try this next time with your team!