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How To Deploy A Folder Windows Azure Kudu Deployment

How you can control deploying a specific folder on Windows Azure Website? When we setup website deployment from GitHub, by default everything works great if you've everything in the root folder. Often this is not the case especially when you've tests, source, docs and so man other folders within the repo.

The easiest solution is

  • Setup Deployment from Git/GitHub/DropBox or any of the supported methods
  • Move to 'Configure' page of your website
  • Under 'app settings' add 'project' as key and '' to deploy as value. Note that deployment will fail if you specify an invalid folder. For e.g. if you've a 'demo' folder, just specify it here as 'project'. You can also specify a Visual Studio project as well for .NET deployments. (See the alternative section below)
  • Go back to 'Deployments' click on 'Sync'


Windows Azure deployments are powered by Kudu -- which is now open sourced by Microsoft. You can configure a .deployment file at root of your directory and deploy it.

For node/php or ASP.NET projects

project = MyWebRoot
project = WebProject/WebProject.csproj

For more information, please check - Customizing Deployments